Butter cookie experiment

As I’ve mentioned before, whenever I have leftover frosting from baking (which I usually do since I’m so bad at estimating how much I need) I always make cookies using this recipe. Depending on what kind of frosting you have, the recipe can easily be adjusted to get either a caky biscuit or a proper crunchy cookie.

Since I’ve been in a decorative mood lately, I wanted to make those pretty swirly  butter cookies using a piping tip. I thought after piping buttercream roses this was a piece of cake…but not so fast! I miscalculated the amount of flour for the first batch, and although they went in looking really promising, they completely melted in the oven! A lot of things are melting on me these days hahahah!



But I wasn’t about to get defeated that easily especially when I had so much frosting on my hands! So I corrected the amount of flour and piped out different shapes and sizes to see what looks and tastes good. So the magic ratio for this recipe was 2:1 of flour-to-frosting! Thankfully they came out just perfect this time. I dipped some of them in melted chocolate to create a little variation amongst them.



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