Cake Decorating

So on the second day of the Wilton course (following from my first post on this), the instructor showed us how to torte, fill, layer and frost a cake. I’ve done this before but I really wanted to learn some tips and tricks to improve my skills because my cakes aren’t always a 100% perfect and I’m a real perfectionist so it bothers me. The biggest issue with the 2 day version of the course is that there isn’t a lot of time so it was kinda rushed and I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted on actually making it top-notch. But we learned to make some nice flowers with the different icings and then I transferred them to the cake.

I kept the design fairly simple and I quite liked it (if I do say so myself)! In fact I was feeling really proud of myself; I was showing it off to my husband while we drove home, and then all of a sudden disaster struck! It was a hot day and the sun was coming straight onto the cake and even with the A/C on it started to melt! My husband said it looked like an earthquake with a tectonic plate shift because the top layer started to slide to the side and the frosting near the flowers started to collapse. I swear my heart sank further and further as I saw the frosting melt by every millimeter! I was desperate to get home before it completely collapsed!

I was so upset that I forgot to take a picture when we got home. But I immediately took out my tools and the leftover icing I had and immediately got to work fixing it. After all the prep and hard work I wasn’t going to let this cake go to waste! After a lot of tweaking and some extra design work to hide the rough edges, I think I managed to save it eventually. After that I put it straight in the Fridge so that it didn’t disintegrate again! I was so glad when we cut it later in the day that the taste wasn’t impacted at all! Phew!



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